District Mohmand

Location of District Mohmand

To the North District Mohmand is bounded by Bajaur district, to the south by District Khyber Charsadda and Malakand districts to the east, Peshawar districts to the south-east and in the West with Afghanistan. District Mohmand is an area of rugged mountains with barren slopes. Most of the area is mountainous, with brown Rocky Mountains and little vegetation. The mountains contain minerals of Granite and Marbil. Population of the district is predominantly Muslims(99.6%) belonging to Sunni Hanafi Fiqh.

History of District Mohmand

The Mohmand Agency takes its name from the Mohmand Tribe, which inhabits the area. Mohmand, a Pashtun tribe, known as tribal son of Daulatyar. Mohmand Baba, had four sons namely Tarakzai, Halimzai, Khwaezai and Baizai. Mohmand Agency was established in 1951. Earlier, this area was under the administrative control of the Political Agent Khyber Agency. In 1973, the headquarter of Mohmand Agency was first shifted to Tehsil Ekka Ghund and then Ghallanai, Mohmand. Until 2018, Mohmand Agency was included in Federally Administered Tribal Area(FATA). On merger of FATA consisting of seven Agencies and six Frontier Regions including Mohmand Agency with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province through the 25th Constitutional Amendment on 31th May 2018, the Board of Revenue, Government of KPK, vide Notification dated 19.07.2018, declared the seven agencies and six Frontier Regions of erstwhile FATA as Districts and Tehsils of the Province. The provincial government also notified the Districts and subdivisions as Sessions Divisions and Sub-divisions. Thus, District Mohmand came into existence. It consists of Lower, Upper and Baizai Sub-divisions.

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